There is a great importance of a good library in a school. A library is a huge collection of books on many subjects it is in reality very essential for the students as it is a store house of knowledge.

I will describe about FIB library, In the FIB library there are all types of books especially about literature, languages, linguistics, and others. Because the fib library is only for fib students, so all the books in fib library are only related to literature, language and linguistics. There are nearly 20000 books on literature, language and linguistics. there are also novels and other language dictionaries. in the fib library there are long benches and tables for students to sit while reading books. This library is located in the middle of the faculty of cultural sciences, more precisely in the N building next to the theatre  O building, the FIB library is not too big because it is only for FIB students.

 A well stocked library is an asset for a school. The students can increase their knowledge by reading in the library during their free time. They can also take books to their homes for reading at their leisure. A school or university without a library cannot inspire its students to seek higher knowledge.