Prof. T. Amin Ridwan Building




The building of Prof. T. Amin Ridwan or usually called as the assembly hall is located in the Faculty of Cultural Science, University of Sumatera Utara. When you enter the Faculty of Culture science from the front side, firstly you will find out a security post and then the parking area for the lecturers and students. Then go straight, and you will find the building of Prof. T. Amin Ridwan which is precisely located next to the mosque and in front of the stage of the Cultural Science Faculty. It is a bright blue building marked with letter of big consonant “G” in the left side. 

Based on the outside, this building is a beautiful hall with the combination of bright blue and dark brown in the windows. It is also surrounded by the fresh  plants. And the inside of this room is white, equipped with a large stage in front, with a podium for the speaker to convey the speech. There are also several flags behind, they are red and white flag, Faculty of Cultural Science flags, and English Literature flags if Association of English literary students have events in there. It is also equipped by some red seats and other decorations. Recently, this building was renovated to be bigger and more beautiful. As you can see in the picture above, the roof of this building is raised to a higher level, so the air circulation gets better, and doesn't feel hot.

This building is used in every kind of events from all of the major in Faculty of  Cultural Science, such as English Literature Department, Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese, Mandarin, Malay, History Department, Tourism Department, etc. Especially in English Department, there are so many activities has been done in this building , such as Annual Symposium of English Literature, Anniversary, National Seminar , Management inauguration of English Literature Student Association (IMSI), Academic events such as TOEFL and IELST test, English debate, and even the activity of welcoming new English Literature students . In this building also held the annual event of Dies Natalist Faculty of Cultural Science, the event of Maulid Nabi Muhammad and Christmas, Bunkasai and Aotake in Japanese Department, and other events.